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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  December 19, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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rejecting an cautious optimism to the death of north korean dictator kim jong il. >> the bay area has lost one of its best known philanthropist. he funded everything from health clinics to the blue glass festival. driver crashes into a church daycare center in the east bay. it happened minutes after a holiday service let out. good morning i'm mike nicco. you can see clouds out there, no freezing fog to worry about. temperatures mild. we'll talk about spare the air and how long that will last. a couple problems for you this morning. fatal crash on the peninsula and roadwork in milpitas. details coming up. good morning i'm katie marzullo in for eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze, thanks for joining us. the death of north korean
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dictator kim jong il. the north has conducted a new short range missile test. president obama has been on the phone overnight with u.s. allies in asia trying to figure out what is next for the nation. tahman bradley joins us from washington, d.c.. >> reporter: good morning. kim jong il was groomed for leadership from childhood inheriting power from his father. his leadership style was described as cruel and ruthless. this morning the world is reacting to reports of his death. on north koreaian television announcer gave word that kim jong il died of heart failure. mourners gathered on north korean streets as the nation enters an almost two week period of grieving. the news was met with concern around the world over worries about the consequence force the region's stability. >> this is the single, largest
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militarily armed zone in the world. we need to ensure that calm and restraint are exercised at an difficult period. >> reporter: to the north koreans he was dear leader to the outside world brutal dictator, power abs lute. under his leadership north korea built up its military and nuclear weapons, conducting a missile test with rockets that the cia said could reach the u.s.. he terrified and tortured his people, two million died from widespread famine during the 90s. thousands were sent to prison cams for alleged crimes again the regime. kim jong il inherited power from his father the revolutionary founder of
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communist north korea. kim jong il was rumored to be a playboy, affinity for women, expensive brandy and american movies. his third son, kim jong un is expected to take power the world is watching to see if he will rule with a heavy hand like his father. >> just because he's new, young we have to assume he is going to be as bad and evil as his father was. >> reporter: overnight president obama spoke with the president of south korea the leaders agreed to keep in touch as the situation develops. >> what is the international community's assessment of kim jong il's number three son and how he might rule? >> reporter: analysts say he may try to assert himself to prove that he's as tough a leader as his father and grandfather. that may not bode well for the u.s.' hope that north korea abandons its nuclear program.
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philanthropist warren health man died last night. he was -- well-known for bringing a popular free bluegrass festival to san francisco he funded the free clinic and development of aquatic sports at uc berkeley. former mayor willie brown was a friend. >> i would describe him as and credibly talented man. a man who had super sense of obligation for other human beings. and a man who shared his wealth in a fashion that only made life better for other people. >> the banjo-picking billionaire investor, purchased levi strauss in the largest ever buy-out of a publicly held u.s. firm he was 77-years-old. huge milestone for the construction of the new bay bridge. this morning crews will begin installing the first piece of the defining part of the span. amy hollyfield live is on
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pressure island. >> reporter: there's a lot to look at when you are up there. they are asking that you don't. keep your eyes on the road. it is going to be tough to do that. they are saying look now so you don't have to be tempted when you are up there. we have an animated version for to you see what they are going to be doing. workers will be installing the first strand of the main cable. it is 2047 feet long, a signature piece of the new bridge it will be distracting. they are hoping you will watch this animated version or a live camera online. then when you are up on the bridge you won't feel like you need to peek there. the first strand is expect odd to take two days to get into place. you know those bright orange cable cat walks that you have seen? that's the path that this cable will follow this is a major development to watch for. yet, they don't want you to watch. keep focus on the road while
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they focus on building this new bridge. this will be going on the next few days this week. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. holiday worship came to a crashing halt at a church in hercules. a parishioner lost control of his car and slam food the church's nursery last night. -- slammed into the church's nursery last night. thankfully no children were inside. it was a close call the children and their parents had just left a few minutes before the crash. the church had been holding a christmas holiday event, no one was hurt. neighbors in san pablo trying to cleanup the mess left after a broken water main. the water swept into several homes. east bay mud hired special disaster cleanup teams. the broken main created a sinkhole which crews spent the weekend repairing even
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temporary shutdown of a petroleum pipeline. in san francisco officers are reaching out to residents who are concerned about a recent police shooting last week near the intersection of larkin. this afternoon the police chief will lead a town hall meeting at the northern police station to discuss how residents feel about the incident. officers shot and killed a man because they say he took off running when they tried to pull him over. they say he fired at least two shots. a woman with the suspect tried to escape but was arrested. san jose police say they have credible evidence that a member of the hells angels suspected of murdering another angel is back in the city. 38-year-old steve ruiz former resident of san jose investigators say he has been spotted there in the last few days but they don't know his exact whereabouts. he's suspected of shooting another club member during a funeral in october.
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he fled the cemetery and has been on the run for two months. he's considered armed and dangerous. occupy san jose protest are back at city hall, tents and all. last friday they set up tents during the day to observe the three month mark since their movement began. the plan at that time was to take the tents down by 11 p.m. keeping with the city's no-camping policy. city officials became exasperated when they saw three tents still standing yesterday. they say they will continue to hold protests on banks and other demonstrations. san francisco police have run up half a million dollars in overtime since the movement started. occupiers resurfaced over the weekend with tents sent up near embarcadero one but they did later take them down. the police union president says the real money drain is the need to post 20 to 30 officers around the clock at the foot of market street
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making sure protesters don't camp out near the federal reserve bank. 4:38. off-ramp off of 280 still closed because of a fatal accident. there's something else, weather. good morning. four degrees cooler in los gatos everybody else, except for san francisco, same temperature warmer than yesterday. 11° warmer in red city, half moon bay, livermore, napa, santa rosa, novato 14° warmer than this time yesterday. a little deck of clouds holding the temperatures up, keeping much fog from forming there is a little around napa, mile and a half billing, fairfield four, we don't have to worry about frost or freezing fog. 8:00 this morning, upper 30s at fairfield, everybody else in the low to mid 40s. we could still be in the upper
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40s around half moon bay, santa cruz and san jose. noon increasing sun temperatures in the low to mid 50s, we'll keep an eye on the tule fog right now it looks like it will stay in the central valley at least during the daylight hours. 4:00 temperatures in the mid to upper 50s mostly sunny. some of that tule fog could come back tonight, into the east bay and north bay valleys. it will be breezy in our hilltops temperatures cooler tonight in the 30s and 40s. winter begins wednesday 9:30 in the evening nothing changes in the forecast through sunday. we take you to the peninsula, we have this fatal accident still blocking the farm hill off-ramp from southbound 280. it happened at 1:15 this morning waiting to hear from chp with when they expect the off-ramp reopened. if you are heading towards woodside you may want to consider woodside or edgewood road.
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better news in milpitas, westbound 237 was closed from 880 to zanker but everything reopened in the last 15 minutes traffic flowing well. it is green out there, very light for this monday morning. it is 4:41. dozens of bay area family get an early holiday gift. contingent of california national guard troops return from afghanistan. we'll have the homecomings. >> holiday display stirs up controversy at a military base. the problem and unique solution. medicare. it doesn't cover everything.
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cloudy this morning, you may not need to know about that there were three drops of rain on my windshield this morning, three. we'll talk to mike about that. >> three things, three drops, got it, a lot to remember. religious display in the east bay has stirred up controversy. some residents demanded the removal of a nativity scene and menorah. military officials have decided that the display does not violate the constitution. therefore, the statues of joseph, mary, jesus and the menorah will remain. atheist and secular humanists will be able to express their beliefs. they've been given permission to post a sign next to the display that reads" stay safe for the holidays. dozens of soldiers back home in time for the holidays. members of the california
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national guard returned after spending almost a year in afghanistan. lilian kim reports. >> reporter: for dozens of families christmas came early. >> no words, this is the perfect time to come back home. >> reporter: more than 160 soldiers arrived sunday after serving nearly 10 months in afghanistan. for eddie it was his first overseas deployment. >> it is rough. but, i'm just proud to say that i did it. >> reporter: these men and women represent the garr's 8th military police company they provided security at military bases. they trained and mentored afghan police officers. >> the way we police, patrol, everything in general. the way we file things. i think we did help them a bit. but it is going to take a long time to get everything the way it needs to be. >> reporter: many soldiers returning to small children.
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the last time roger saw his 3-year-old daughter was during his two week break in june. >> she talks a lot, she understands me more that is weird. >> reporter: there's a lot of catching up to do. one of her first priorities is eating her favorite foods. >> oh my gosh, i don't even know where to start. i want to eat chinese food, for sure. >> reporter: the soldiers will go back to their civilian jobs. as for their military responsibilities which is one weekend a month, they won't have to report for that, for another 90 days. lilian kim, abc7 news. the grinch hits early in the east bay. next, firing 200 employees. the big deadline you face today if you want your holiday cards to make it to the destinations in time that is the video, they are busy.
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>> last minute holiday shopping frenzy underway. what it means for the economy and your wallet. it
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welcome back. still the coldest in the rockies upper midwest around minneapolis connecting through denver warm along the coast from 64 dallas, 48 new orleans, 62 atlanta. 40s around boston, new york. let's talk about what is going on all major airports on time yellow around dallas and houston if you are connecting through there you could run into delays. check ahead with our flight tracker at we think we are busy during the holidays. the postal service is gearing up for its two busiest days of the year this week. today is expected to be the
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busiest for delivery of packages. busiest mailing day is tomorrow when the postal service expects to process 801 million cards and letters. if you are acceptedding something by first class mail it by tomorrow to make sure that it arrives before christmas. with six days to go before christmas many retailers are smiling. national retail federation reports americans are spending 4% more than last year. retail sales have totalled 469 billion dollars so far. that's not a surprise to store employees. >> people are spending more, they are not just -- [ inaudible ] >> consumer confidence over last two months is on the upswing. if we can avoid shooting ourselves in the foot, we should end the new year with every prospect things will be looking up >> a second piece of good news
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for retailers, fewer than half of all consumers have finished their holiday shopping. the procrastinators still out there. >> get on it! >> speaking of looking up, did that and i don't think i'm crazy, i think i saw three deposits of rain. >> have any on yours? >> no. >> all right. raining lightly in a few places. >> a drop or two, nothing measurable is going to fall, just warm air coming in. warm air when it overrides cool air tends to create a few clouds that's what we have this morning. emeryville to san francisco you can see how calm, beautiful mirror image of the old bay bridge on the bay waters this morning. our first and most significant event for today, spare the air until midnight the poorest air quality in the north bay
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valleys for the better part of today that lasts until midnight. temperatures now, fairfield 36 everybody else in the low to mid 40s inland. upper 40s mid to upper 40s around the bay shore south bay to the coast 50 monterey everybody else around the monterey bay and inland mid to upper 40s. the poor air quality today will see an increase in sunshine by the afternoon. clear and cooler tonight it will be breezy if you live in some of the higher elevations around the bay. dry and easy for travel until next week when we have a better chance of rain and snow finally moving into the forecast. until then, we go with mostly sunny in the south bay upper 50s to 60 in los gatos. peninsula mainly mid to upper 50s, mid 50s along the coast to upper 50s downtown san francisco, south san francisco 256 upper 50s to near -- 56, upper 50s to near 60 most of the north bay.
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beaches mid 50s east bay shore mid to upper 50s today a few clouds linger longer in the east bay valleys tule fog trying to push in now, better chance tonight. mid to upper 50s for you as we head down to the monterey bay mid to upper 50s, low 60s around gilroy and hollister. tule fog from sacramento down to fresno upper 50s for you. still making snowman made in tahoe 43, yosemite 48, showers possible around san diego to a lesser extent l.a. even drier around palm springs warmer at 67°. let's talk about what is going to happen tonight low to mid 30s inland valleys upper 30s palo alto, fremont, 47 in san francisco. spare the air runs until midnight. areas of high pressure dominating keeping the storm track well north once again.
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that's why even when winter astronomical winter starts at 9:30 nothing changes dry through sunday. update on your traffic, here's frances. >> better news, southbound 280 earlier fatal accident cleared farm hill boulevard off-ramp reopen. if you are making your way out of half moon bay towards highway 280, there is roadwork now blocking the connector ramp eastbound 92 to northbound 280 until 7:00 this morning. there is a detour you can follow that, that will take you on to 280. light traffic right now this monday morning. looking great across the san mateo bridge westbound the drive time 14 minutes from 880 to 101. contra costa county off to a good start, this is southbound 680 near highway 24 at the top of your screen. get more information by going
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to about 200 workers have lost their jobs at a steel mill in berkeley. immigration rights advocates blame the holiday firing on a silent raid by federal agents. pacific steel casting said it had no choice after immigration agents audited the payroll documents. the names of 200 workers didn't match up with the social security numbers they submitted to the company. some of the workers say leaving the u.s. is not an option. >> for us, it is practically impossible to go to mexico because it is no good. >> ice officials tell abc 7 they do not comment on specific audits they say more than 2500 companies have been audited this year. a woman's christmas may be ruined because her car key
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opened someone else's car. she was midway through a mall shopping spree she went to her ford focus and put $700 worth of gifts inside the trunk. the problem it wasn't her ford focus. her smart key opened the trunk of another person's ford. she hopes the owner calls mall security and returns all those presents. she was just laid off friday. so hopefully the other ford owner will have a heart. the most secretive regime in the world announces its leader is dead. now the world watches and waits to see what the death of kim jong il will mean for north korea. >> reporter: a lot to look at as you drive across the bay bridge this week, but don't look. i'll explain, coming up. first, smartphones, now smart tvs. the devices about to hit the market that will change the way you interact with the screen that you are watching
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